Group Coaching

MV Coaching offers group coaching where each session is built around developing the players' reading and understanding of the game, their technical ability and sense of teamwork. Whether for young players beginning their footballing journey or experienced players looking to improve, we can help.


Small group coaching can be highly beneficial for any player looking to improve their game. It can complement well on top of team training. We can take the time and care needed to break down technical components on key aspects of the game such as ball striking, passing and receiving etc. We can discuss in more detail, both during and after a session, to help players see how correct and incorrect technique can affect their pass, shot, touch etc.

Group sessions will include fundamental movement skills, ABC’s and fitness drills as well as position-specific drills to help improve cognitive skills such as decision-making. Each session is tailored to that age group to make it as engaging and beneficial as possible.

Available Sessions

Redhill FC Soccer School

Development Centre U9-U12's

Development Centre U6-8's