Redhill FC Soccer School

Embark on the exciting world of football with our tailored sessions designed for children taking their first steps in the sport! Our focus is on cultivating fundamental skills to shape well-rounded young footballers. Participants will engage in ball mastery, 1v1 drills, small-sided games, and more, providing a dynamic and enjoyable learning experience.


These foundational sessions pave the way into U7 and U8 teams where the children will participate in weekly matches. The first session is on us – a perfect opportunity to explore the world of football. Subsequently, sessions are priced at just £5 each, offering flexibility with a pay-as-you-play approach.

Join us as we kick off a journey filled with skill development, teamwork, and the joy of playing football! Get in touch below.

Ready to sign up?

Contact Mark to let us know and be added to the group WhatsApp for up to the date information.