School Coaching

MV Coaching provides Breakfast, Lunchtime, Afterschool clubs as well as School Football Team coaching and PPA Cover.


The breakfast club is designed to help a child gear up for their day by involving a lot of movement, touches on the ball and fun games.

The lunch time club is designed for kids to play structured matches in the supervision of the coaches. We have 2 options, A 30-minute club where we just cater for the football session. Option 2 is for the full hour where we supervise their lunch after as well as making sure they are ready for when lessons start in the afternoon.

The afterschool club is designed ultimately for children to have fun and enjoy playing football whilst also incorporating a learning element (which they're unaware off ????). The sessions will start with fun invasion games where they will have a football each. It will then lead on to the main topic for that week (Passing or dribbling etc) and then we finish with small sided games where they get to practice the skills they have learnt in the session.

The school football team will be treated with the same care and attention that the grassroots clubs receive. We will help choose the squads (may be the option to have 2 teams). We will train them with a more team structured approach focusing more on ball mastery, small sided games and phase of play practices that football matches produce (e.g. 4 v 3 overloads).